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GTA 5 is Rockstar North's aspiration to make the GTA franchise the most important game in the world. They've made it so unique and so deep that no doubt it had a huge impact on the world of gaming. GTA V is the latest part of the series and many, many people call it incredibly realistic and addictive. Huge world is only one of the best features of the game. Also, the characters, their missions and the whole scrips makes it hard to stop playing it. Another thing that makes it a great way to spend free time is the face animations and vocal performances. The world of GTA 5 feels alive and it brings you deeper and deeper into the story of the game.

What you are now going to experience is mind-blowing, so get ready. We are proud to show you the brand new GTA 5 Android and iOS version of the best game ever created in the history of video games. All you need is a phone or a tablet with either iOS or Android operating system and with at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly. Here's even better news - GTA 5 Mobile saves your data package by only downloading the necessary files on the go, when they are needed. It also saves your precious memory on your device. In other words, every time you enter a certain area, the files will be loaded up and the others will be temporarely compressed to use up less space. GTA V Mobile uses the cutting-edge GPU emulation technology that brings incredibly realistic experience straight to your smartphone or tablet. The game looks exactly like you would see it on a PC or console. It runs very smooth and even offers online mode for those who are ready to do some crazy stuff on the internet.


Click the Download button here or at the top of the website

What was improved in GTA 5

You might be wondering how to get this awesome GTA 5 Android on your device and here is the answer. Simply click the Download button (either iOS or Android, depending on your device type) and get the latest version of the installer. Don't even bother installing any emulators with bad graphics or lags - this GTA 5 APK will bring the best possible experience straight into your hands. The whole game engine has been ported to mobile devices just to show everyone how mobile gaming should look like. If you don't believe us - try it and be amazed.

gta 5 apk

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the successor of the IV and it was released in 2013 for consoles and in 2014 for PCs. Now, in 2019 we are glad to announce it's premiere on mobile devices. The game is set in the city of Los Santos in which three men - Franklin, Trevor and Michael live their lives. The 5th part of the series takes it's action 5 years after the events of Chinatown Wars. GTA 5 was highly anticipated all around the world. It's evolution compared to the previous part is huge. Driving vehicles has been greatly improved, with better physics and details. And we couldn't forget the first person mode. It feels so detailed that it's scary. Beating up others and driving cars in first person mode is something no other game can offer. The interiors of all the cars and motorbikes you can drive in the game is polished to the very limit. Rockstar North also added many new activities to the game - you can now do jet skiing, play golf, tennis, do yoga and a lot more.

How to download GTA 5 Android

how to download gta 5 android
  • Click the Download button here or at the top of the website
  • Transfer the files to your mobile device if you downloaded GTA 5 APK on PC
  • Run the installer on your phone or tablet (on Android remember to allow the installation)
  • The installation takes from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on your device
  • Find the game amongst your apps and run it
  • The game will now load OBB + data and run you through your first gameplay